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Rawlins County USD 105


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GAA Goals and Objectives

GAAA Equal Employment Opportunity and NondiscriminationGAAE Bullying by Staff

GAAB Complaints of Discrimination

GAAC Sexual Harass-Employee

GAACA Racial and Disability Harassment - Employees

GAAD Child Abuse

GAAE Bullying by Staff

GAAF Emergency Safety Interventions

GAAF ESI Acknowledgement Form

GAAF ESI Documentation Form

GAC Policies and Rules Devolopment

GACA Positions

GACB Job Descriptions

GACC Recruitment & Hiring

GACD Employment Eligibility

GAD Employee Dev Opportunities

GADA In-Service Education

GAE Grievances

GAEA Complaints of Discrimination

GAF Staff-Student Relations

GAG Conflict of Interest

GAGA Employee BOE Relatives

GAH Staff-Community Relations

GAHB Political Activities

GAI Solicitations

GAJ Gifts

GAK Personnel Records

GAL Salary Deductions FLSA

GAL Salary Deductions

GAM Personal Appearance

GAN Travel Expenses

GANA Expense Reimb & Credit Cards

GAO Staff Protection

GAOA Drug Free Workplace

GAOB Drug Free Schools

GAOC Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Devices

GAOD Drug & Alcohol Testing

GAOE Workers Comp-Disability

GAOF Salary Deductions

GAQ Retirement

GAR Communicable Diseases

GARA Bloodborne Pathogen Plan

GARA Bloodborne Pathogen Plan

GARI Family and Medical Leave Plan

GARID Military Leave

GBA Compensation Contracts

GBB Positions

GBBA Qualifications

GBC Recruitment

GBD Hiring

GBDA Drug Fee School Hiring Policy

GBE Assignment and Transfer

GBG Probation

GBH Supervision

GBI Evaluation Policy

GBIA Coaching Evaluation

GBK Suspension

GBN Seperation

GBO Resignations

GBP Reemployment

GBQ Retirement

GBQA Staff Reduction

GBR Work Schedule

GBRAB Use of Tobacco

GBRD Staff Meetings

GBRE Additional Days

GBRF Student and Parent Conferences

GBRF Travel Expenses

GBRG Non-School Employment

GBRGA Consulting

GBRGB Tutoring for Pay

GBRH Certified Leaves

GBRI Personal Leave

GBRIA Sick Leave Bank

GBRIBA Disability Leave

GBRID Military Leave

GBRJ Substitute Teaching

GBRL Staff Protection

GBU Ethics

GCA Compensation & Work Assignments

GCBABA Drug-Alcohol Testing Policy

GCC Recruitment

GCDA Teacher Aids & Para

GCE Assignment and Transfer

GCH Supervision

GCK Suspension

GCPH Vacations Administrative Personnel

GCQ Retirement

GCR Working Conditions

GCRE Travel Expenses

GCRF Non-School Employment

GCRG Leaves and Absences

GCRGA Leave-Noncertified Personnel

GCRH Vacations-Noncertified

GCRI Paid Holidays