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Rawlins County USD 105


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DA Goals & Objectives

DB Budget Planning

DC Budget with Whistleblower Protection

DFAA Grants & Other Outside Financial Resources

DFAB Standard of Conduct

DFE Investment of Funds

DFG Fees, Payments, Rental

DFK Gifts and Bequests

DFM Equipmnet and Supplies Sale

DG Depositories

DH Bonded Employees

DIC Inventories

DJB Petty Cash Accounts

DJCA Pay Day Schedules

DJE Purchasing

DJEB Quality Control

DJED Bid & Quote Req

DJEE Local Purchasing

DJEF Requisitions

DJEG Purchase Orders-Contracts

DJEJ Payment Procedures

DJFA Purchasing Authority

DJFAB Admin Leeway

DK Student Activity Fund

DP Unpaid-Overdue Bills